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Dnipropentovs'k area

At the VI-VIII centuries there are first settlements of the annalistic slavs on Dnipro banks in borders of modern oblast'. During Kyivs'ka Rus' among the Orel' river passed border with nomad's territories. The tatar invasion has devastated this territories. It has received the name "Wild field ".

Розташування Січі

The new settling is connected to Ukrainian cossacks, which was generated in XV-XVI centuries. This territory was included into structure of Zaporiz'ka Sich. From eight Zaporozhye Siches five were on territory of oblast'. In 1783 according to the Kateryna II decree about Sich liquidation the territory was included in the Russian empire.





Colonization of the steppes near the Black Sea was started by the Zaporozhians. In 1753 in defiance of protests of Cossacks the greater part of the lands was given to a settlement of the Orthodox Serbians. They formed a colony under the name of Slavoserbia. The greatest wave of colonization dates back to the end of the XVIII century. Then with the Order of Catherine II Zaporozhian Sich was exterminated. On the places of old Zaporozhian settlements, Greek colonies and Turkish fortresses there appeared new towns.





The emblem of the Russian period


The emblems for them were created for the first time, so the local peculiarities were taken into consideration largerly. The emblem of Katerynoslavs'ka province had been confirmed on the 5th of July 1878 and in an azure field it represented a or monogram of the name of Empress Catherine II surrounded by or oak-leaves which were connected by the ribbon of the Order of St.Andrew.




The modern emblem



The board per bend by or fire line on an azure field and azure wavy line on an argent field. The top field semy by nine or eight-beam stars (4:3:2), in the bottom field is cossack in crimson clothes with a gun on the left shoulder and sabre on a side. The board is on the or cartouche and surrounded by mantle that formed by azure-or (on the right part) and gules-argent (on the left part) leaves, and crowned by azure-or wreath. Above it is Tryzyb in a frame of or ears and oak leaves.




The flag



It is a rectangular panel are bend by dark blue (top left part) and white (bottom right part) strips. The image on a flag reconstructs graphic elements of the oblast' emblem. A flagstaff has length 2,5 meters and diameter 5sm. The fastening of a panel is carried out by the gold nails. A flagstaff's top has the metal image of the oblast' emblem.