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Kyiv area

Kyivske principality / Kyivska province / Kyivska oblast



The magdeburg emblem



The emblem of Kyiv together with the emblems of L'viv and Chernihiv belongs to the symbols which appeared before the Tartar raids. The origin of Kyiv symbolics is connected with the spreading on the princes' seals pictures of Archangel Michael. On these pictures Archangel is usually represented in a long mackintosh. He has a spear with a cross at the end of it and a ball (a symbol of power) in the left hand. In the big emblem of the Polish Kingdom the emblem of Kyivshchyna had at first the picture of a rider and a bear in an azure field. But since the 16th century the figure of a rider was taken in Europe mainly as an emblem of Moscow. That's why later the symbol of Kyiv province became a white angel in a gules field with a lowered sword and a scabbard.




The emblem of the Russian period



The emblem of Kyivs'ka province had been confirmed on the 8th of December 1856 and represented in an azure shield St.Archangel Michael in argent clothes and armed, with a flaming sword and a argent shield. The shield is crowned with an emperial crown and surrounded by or oak-leaves which are connected by the ribbon of the Order of St.Andrew.




The modern emblem



In an azure field with vert base is Victorious George in or clothes, purple raincoat on an argent horse. He has spear in hand and aureola around of a head. Rider dives through spear of the brown snake with folded wings, gules eyes and tongue.

The shield is decorated with two oak branches with gules leafage and brown acorns, and also by six or spikes - three spikes from both parts of a shield. Above a shield is diadem, which one has nine segments. In a central segment of a diadem is the map of a figure of a Christ-rescuer with an aureola. In segments till the dextral party from a Christ-rescuer is the map of sacred prince Volodymyr with an aureola above a head, behind it is the map with prince Yaroslav. In segments till a left-hand side from a Christ-rescuer is the map sacred princess Ol'ha with an aureola above a head, behind her is the map of Anna Yaroslavna. In the third and fourth segments on dextral and till the left-hand parties from a Christ- rescuer is ornament.




The flag



The flag represents a rectangular panel, which one consists of three equal on width of vertical bands: central has yellow colour, extreme are blue. A ratio of width of a colours to its length is 2:3. On a central band the map is a figure Victorious George and snake in proportions, referenced for the oblast' area.