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Odessa region
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Odessa region




The modern emblem


It was confirmed at February, 2nd, 2002. The arm is on the Spanish board. The basic azure field is surrounded wide gules border. The main figure is Odesa argent anchor. The border's top central figure is or sheaf of an ear, on the parts there are six or anchors, at the centre below is grape bunch. Around of a board is placed or wreath with ears and grape. The authors are P.Bondarenko, M.Murmanov, S.Faer and L.Mostova.

The anchor symbolizes hope and rescue. The anchors on a border symbolize sea and military meaning. Seven anchors mean quantities of area ports. The sheaf of bread symbolizes riches and unity of the people. A sheaf is an arable farming mark and means steppe part of the Odes'ka oblast' (old Balta arm is or sheaf in an azure field). Grape symbolizes fertility. The symbol displays a southern part of area (Bilhorod arm is grape in a gules field).




The flag


It was confirmed at February, 2nd, 2002. It is a panel with a ratio of width to length 2:3 with a vertical arrangement by equal strips: yellow, blue and white. At the centre of a blue strip is the arms of oblast'.




The gonfalon of the chairman of oblast' council


t was confirmed at February, 2nd, 2002. It is s square panel with similar accommodation of strips, at the centre is arms of oblast' with external elements. Gonfalon has yellow edging from three sides.