PATENTBUREAU Symbolics Of Prydniprov'ia Krym
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The modern emblem



The modern emblem of the Republic of Krym is confirmed on the 24th of September 1992 by the 9th session of Supreme Rada of the Republic. It is a barangian shield and on it in the gules field is a turned to the right argent griffin holding in its paw an open shell with an azure pearl. From both sides the shield is held by two marble pillars. The top of the shield is the or rising sun. Under the shield you see a blue-and-white-and-red (colors of the state flag of the Republic of Krym) motto ribbon with the words "Prosperity in unity".

The symbolics of the emblems is like this: the barangian shield reminds of the fact the Krym was for a long time on the crossing of the main trade routs . In was are of the key-points of the famous rout from Varagian to Greeks. The gules field of the shield symbolizes heroic and often dramatic history of the peninsula. Griffin is the most often used symbol of the North of the territory by the Black Sea heraldic. It is known as the "emblem" of Khersones and Pantikapei, one can see its portrayal on the old seals, jewelry and buckles of that

time. Griffin is also believed to have security functions. So, together with the pearl symbolizing the Krym as a unique part of the planet, griffin is the defender of the young republic. The azure color of the pearl means the unity of culture, peoples and religions of the Krym. The marble classical pillars reminds of the most ancient colonization which once lived on the territory of the peninsula. The or rising sun symbolizes prosperity and regeneration. The motto "Prosperity in Unity" is the main idea of the multinational Republic of Krym.




The flag



In September 24 1992 the session of the Supreme Rada approved a flag: a rectangular white canvas with a ratio of the sides 1:2. In the top there is dark blue and below there is red stripe with a width of 1/6 from a width of the flag.