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Chernygiv area

Chernihiv principality / Chernihivska province / Chernihivska oblast

The Chernihivs'ka oblast' is in a north of Ukraine. It was organized at October 15, 1932.




The magdeburg emblem



From the ancient times the emblem of Chernihiv principality was a sable double-headed eagle. After the decay of Kyiv Rus' Chernihiv-Sivers'ka territory in the XV century was under the power of the Great Lithuanian principality. In the beginning of the XVI century the territory became part of Moscow state, and after the Deylin armistice in 1618 it was a member of Rich Pospolyta. The emblem of Chernihiv province was confirmed by the Sejm in 1663. It was a picture of a sable double-headed eagle with open wings and with one crown. In 1672 because of the Moscow government the eagle became one headed and in its paws appeared the or cross as a symbol of the cradle of Christianity in Rus'. One head was "lost" because Moscow officials considered it impossible to have an emblem like Moscow, one though Chernihiv was founded much earlier than Moscow.




The emblem of the Russian period



The emblem of Chernihivs'ka province was confirmed on the 8th of December 1856. It was a picture of a argent field with a sable crowned eagle holding behind itself in the claws of the left paw the long or cross benot to the right corner of the shield, the claws of the eagle are or, its tongue is high-carat or. The shield is crowned with the emperial crown and surrounded with or oak-leaves which are joined together with the ribbon of the Order of St.Andrew.




The modern emblem



The emblem was approved by the 12 session of regional council solution of 3-rd convocation from July 11, 2000. In an argent field is a sable two-heads eagle (it is the arms of Chernihovo-Siverschyna since 1635, that is unified and most ancient land emblem of Left-bank Ukraine) with gules paws and tongues, or eyes and arms (bills and unguises), and or crown on each head, and on a chest azure shield with or bordering, on which one the or sign of the Great princedom Chernihiv founder Mstyslav Volodymyrovych (1024).




The flag



The flag was approved by the 12 session of regional council solution of 3-rd convocation from July 11, 2000. Rectangular green panel with a ratio of the parts as 2:3, in the middle of which one there passes a white horizontal band (width 1/5 width of the flag), and in white square upper from staff is the emblem of land. On a colours two green bands mean two main geographic zones of area - Polissya and Forest-steppe, and the white band personifies Desna river, which one partitions them.