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Kirovograd area




The modern emblem



A oblast' emblem was approved at July, 29, 1998. In an gules field is or steppe (scythian) eagle with head turned to the right; over shield is rectangular dark blue gonfalon with yellow Trident, mounted on perimeter by yellow canvas and enframed by decorative branches; on either sides a shield enframed by gold ears, from below - by oak leaves, twined by dark blue ribbon, fastened by from below gold scroll, on ribbon gold is motto: "With good to peoples". The authors are V.Kryvenko and K.Shlahovyi, motto author is V.Sibirtsev.

By most old reputed state education, some entered to earth contemporary Kirovohrads'ka region, was Scythia which existed on territory of Ukraine zones of steppe from VII to III centuries A.D. At 1764 archaeologists found cemetery of scythian tribes and gold adorning with allegorizing steppe eagle in it. This symbol and was used attached to coat of arms variants elaboration. Attached to allegorizing stylization eagle are preserved all of basic lines of archaeological find.

A eagle defers by manliness symbol and magnaminity, perspicacity and justice, force and institusion. In pre-christian conceptions correlates with sky and light (by sun). In christian symbolism passes on eternity idea of life. In both cases an eagle sign is spirituality emblem.




The flag



The oblast' flag was approved at July, 29, 1998. Rectangular width with sides correlation 2:3, split up vertical on two equal parts; from staff on raspberry field yellow steppe (scythian) eagle with head turned to the right, from free edge is yellow field.