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Poltava region




The emblem of the Russian period



The emblem of Poltavs'ka province was confirmed on the 5th of July 1878 and it was a picture of an or shield with a sable triangular monument decorated with or circle snake. Behind the monument there are two vert banners with or crowned monogram of the name of the Emperor Peter the Great, the staff are high-carat or with the points of the spears. All this is accompanied by two crossed laid high-carat or swords at the top of the shield. The shield is crowned with the emperial crown and surrounded with oak-leaves connected by the St.Andrew's ribbon.




The modern emblem



It was confirmed at January, 30, 1998. A shield divided into quarters by raspberry lozenge, crossed by argent and azure wavy belt. In first azure part is or paty cross. In second or part is gules horseshoe. In third or part is gules heart. In fourth azure part is or wheat sheaf. In first part of lozenge is or bow, accompanied by two or stars, in second is or gates with three towers, accompanied by two or stars.

- Bow with arrow and stars are the elements which went into Poltava and Pyriatyn coats of arms, indicate on historic role the edges in defence of own earths, and also Poltava as administrative centre.

- Urban gates with three towers and flagpoles - element eldest of coats of arms, basic Lokhvytsia coat of arms element. It indicates on durability, power, edge inviolability, cossack traditions.

- A water wave - element of Komsomol's'k and Kremenchuk emblems, symbolizes riches of water spaces.

- A Cossack cross is symbol on historic colours of Poltava regiments and Myrhorod and Zin'kiv emblems.

- A horseshoe is blown about element of patrimonial Ukraine coats of arms - happiness symbol, good, love, consent.

- A heart is hetman coat of arms element of P.Polubotok, V.Kochubey, symbolizes Poltavschyna as Ukraine heart, her grandeur, spirituality, - earth, begining by mother country to prominent figures of world significance.

- Sheaf is personifies natural resource, earths fertility, industry of its inhabitants, national traditions.

- A Crown is power, firmness, grandeur and glory.

Adopted colours:

- Raspberry - most blown about colour of cossack colours - power, bravery.

- Azure means wrestling after freedom, hope.

- Or means sun, lightly, welfare, kindness, work, dignity.




The modern emblem (large)



A little coat of arms crowned by crown with five towers and enframed by guelder roze branches, entwisted by blue-yellow ribbon. Over crown is superscription "Poltavschyna".




The flag



The Poltavs'ka oblast' flag was approved by February 10, 2000 by the solution XI of session of regional advice XXIII of convocation and represents the yellow cossac's cross on a blue rectangular. A ratio of the parts is 2:3.

The cossac's cross is the basic element of the arms of the Poltavs'ka oblast' was introduced in composition of a flag, which one is included on historical motives. In middle of XVIII century a some cossac's regiments were joint around of the Poltava shelf, that had dark blue flag with cossac's cross.

The author is E.Shyrai.