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Cherkasy area
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Cherkasy area




The modern emblem



The emblem was approved by the solution of regional council N15-3 from 01.29.1998. In an azure field is round or solar disk. Around of the solar disk are three wheat ears in dynamic motion behind a current of traffic of the Sun are located. Three ears, which one complete of a caulis, prolonging their motion, derivate triune crown around of the solar disk. The solar disk and also or colour are a character of a space light, bravery and force; azure colour means character of water, Dnipro(Dnieper)-Slavuta.

Three ears in dynamic idea of earth life, progressive forward motion and advance. The large arms consists of the small arms and cartouche. In cartouche bottom are crossed sabre and mace. The edges of mid-ranges cartouche on the parts of the small arms complete laurel garlands. In the middle of a top is the graphics image of Taras Shevtshenko. Around of a shield with a portrait are the branches of an ouk with leafage. Tne mace and and sabre symbolize kossaks. A laurel is a character of glory. Viburnum is most widespread vegetative character - spokesman of the Ukrainian mentality. The Taras Shevtshenko is a glory of ukrainian poetry

The autors are Olexandra and Mykola Telizhenky.




The flag



The flag was approved by the solution of regional council N15-3 from January, 29th, 1998. A rectangular panel, with a ratio of width of a panel to its length as 2:3, has a blue colour, which one symbolizes a celestial altitude, advantage. On center of a panel the two-sided image of the arms is located. Edges of three parts of a panel framed yellow border.

The autors are Olexandra and Mykola Telizhenky.