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Donets'k area

On the territory of Donets'k area the Slavic settlements appear in the Хth century. At the end of the XVIth century the Cossack lodges appear. At the XVII century on the territory of Donetsk region the Iziums'kyi Cossack regiment situated. At the XVIII century there was the Ukrainian fortifying line. The industrial development of the territory was connected with the large deposits of coal, which was actively extracted at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century.




The modern emblem



Emblem of Donets'ka oblast' was approved in August, 17, 1999. In an or shield with embowed sable base is an azure palm of Mertsalov. The shield is crowned with an or crown with five leaves and framed with two green oak branches. This palm made by smith Mertsalov in 1896.




The flag


Flag of Donets'ka oblast' was approved in August, 17, 1999. There is a rectangular canvas with a ratio of the sides 3:2 divided horizontally. There are rising yellow sun with 12 rows in the upper blue part of flag. In the lower black part is five yellow ovals, one under another.