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The Nicopol' city is known still VII century. On this territiry existed Mykytyns'ka Zaporoz'ka Sich - one of seven. In 1780, after destruction Zaporoz'ka Sich by the Russian empire, it was renamed into city Nicopol'.




The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at November, 11th, 1966 by the decision of executive committee of city council. In an azure board with the argent chief and carmine fess is sable image of South trumped factory. The board is charged with the argent city name in the Ukrainian language. In the chief is or a cossack sabre, het'mans mice and gules symbolical fire as Zaporiz'ka Sich. Azure color means the Kahovka water basin on which coast the city is located. Carmine fess means the greatest manganous deposit of the country.




The modern emblem



On the 28th of November 2000 town council session by desision 12-17/ has confirmed a modern emblem: in an azure field is or Cossack-rider on an or horse with a sabre in a right hand raised above a head. Rider rushes in the dextral party above two argent engrailed bands. Above rider and lower than horizontal bands are or eight-radial aster. Near it are three argent stars in each side. Each following is smaller size from precursor. A shield enframed by an argent cartouche and crowned by argent urban crown with three prongs. In mid-range is asymmetric map of parchment with the wrapped up edges, where till a left-hand side from the spectator is mace, and till the dextral party is bunchuk. In the cartouche bottom is anchor. The colour of the shield symbolizes an accuracy, fairness, faultlessness, celestial dawn, water alones and stay in an atmosphere of Jove. Or means force and oof. The author is V.Zhyvoglyad.




The gonfalon



On the 28th of November 2000 town council session by desision 12-17/ has confirmed a gonfalon: in a square blue panel on the interception of 1/3 conditional vertical and horizontal parts is the yellow Cossack-rider with a sabre, raised in a right hand. The figure of the Cossack lacerates two white engrailed horizontal bands. Above rider and in the lower part of gonfalon are seven eight-radial stars, middle of them is yellow, the others are white.


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