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The first mentions about Kamyans'ke (first Dniprodzerghyns'k name) refers to 1750. Then it was sufficiently considerable populated locality, having its independent church advent. Kamyans'ke population was in the main of former cossacks, which became by farmers.





The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at April, 4th, 1967 by the decision N299 of city council executive committees. Board per pale by gules and azure. On the sable strip putted above on or cartouche is the or city name in the Ukrainian language. In an base cartouche are sable sickle and hammer. In the first part is or monument "Prometheus", a symbol of revolutionary glory of city. In the second part is an or ladle as a symbol of metallurgical industry; a or retort is a symbol of development of the chemical industry; two or garlands of isolators are a symbol of power units: heat and power plant and hydroelectric power stations.

The authors is collective with A.Krymtsov's management.






The modern emblem



A coat of arms confirmed at December, 25, 1998 by decision є 51-5/ղ of session of city council. A shield per pale raspberry and or; in a first field are three crossed or spears with gold marks (by small flags), in second field is raspberry memorial "Prometheus".

A raspberry colour means a Kodak regiment, in which in zaporozhian the cossacks entered the villages Romankovo, Kamyans'ke, Trytyzne.

Or is riches sign, generosity, welfare and leaderships.

Three crossed or spears are remind about founding by zaporozhian cossacks about 300 years ago the villages Romankovo, Kamyans'ke, Trytyzne, by historic legatee of which is Dniprodzerghyns'k.

Memorial "Prometheus", opened in 1922. in Kamyans'ke serves here as allegory of centuries-old city habitants wrestling after freedom and independence, symbolizes industrial Dniprodzerghyns'k growth is powerful industrial centre.

A fire of "Prometheus" is symbol of hot metal, black metallurgy, thanks to development of which city grew up.

"Prometheus" is a symbol of forcel, power, energy, subdued by human, and also aspiring to prosperity of city.






The gonfalon


The gonfalon was confirmed at December, 25th, 1998 by decision N51-5/ղ of city council session. It is a rectangular panel with sides ratio 1:1 (100100 cm.), divided on two vertical parts: left is raspberry colour, right is yellow.






The solemn gonfalon


Solemn gonfalon is a rectangular width with sides ratio as 1:1 (100100sm.), divided on two vertical parts: left has raspberry colour, right is yellow with image coat of arms Dniprodzerghyns'k city. 

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