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The history of the town began in 1635 by erecting the Polish fortress Kodak. Later it was destroyed by Zaporozhians. Then a settlement of Cossacks appeared on that place. In 1787 there was founded the town of Katerynoslav. In time of Ukrainian Peoples Republic it was named Sitcheslav.








The emblem of the Russian period (project 1796)



A coat of arms project 1796 looked by following image: in shield with chapter, per pale by gules and azure, a pierced new moon sword, on sword a cross and argent escutcheon with laurel and myrtle crown express addition of this edge from Ports Ottoman. In first part of chapter is hight-rays star, in second is or sheaves. A shield laid on pyramid with monogram of her emperor's and crown, representing a Katerynoslav city, adorned by name and glory of Katheryna II. On pyramid pedestal written 1787, allegorizing emperor's presence.





The emblem of the Russian period (project 1796)


The following project had in shield with chapter, per pale by gules and azure, pyramid with monogram of emperor's and crown. On pyramid pedestal written 1787, allegorizing emperos's presence. In first part of chapter is hight-rays star, in second is or sheaves.






The emblem of the Russian period


The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 29th of July 1811. In the azure field the monogram of the name of empress Catherine II was among the figures denoting the year of foundation of the town. Around the monogram there are nine stars to denote migration of Catherine II to eternal bliss and glory. On the shield - the emperial crown to show that the province was under the special high-ranking patronage.





The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at 1970. In a gules field with azure base is gr foundry ladle over three vert hills, accompanied by or summer lightning. In base are two argent waves. A shield crowned by cog-wheel with superscription "Dnipropetrovs'k". The author is M.I.Starodubs'kyi.

Modern emblem

dnipropetrovs'k_a_2000-2001  dnipropetrovs'k_a_2002-2003  dnipropetrovs'k_a

Power of country at first confirmed an emblem, and then withdrew an acorn from his mantle, because decided that he reminded masculine penis. And afterwards, the Main artist of city of Dnipropetrovsk decided to draw more of leaves on the coat of arms. The thus ratified Coat of Arms changed three times.

In an azure shield are argent cossack's saber and an arrow with their sharp points up in cross. There are three seven-pointed stars over it. The emblem adorned by oak leaves decorative cartouche with or mauerkrone. On an azure motto ribbon is city name "Dnipropetrovs'k".


Locmans'ka Camyanka

Locmans'ka Kamyanka is small settlement which is now included in borders of Dnipropetrovs'k.

In 1750 by the Cossack's desision in natural boundary Kamenka have arranged part of the Nenasytets'ka coastal guards and a rowing flotilla (under the name of most dangerous of Dnipro thresholds). An opportunity for this purpose became Kateryna's decree II. During travel to Taurida her flotilla which totaled over 80 courts, the cossack Musiy Pivtorak carried out through Dnipro thresholds. Having estimated knowledge and skill Kamyanka pilots, empress has given them privileges, having released from taxes, and has charged in a duty to clear away a river's channel and to carry out a vessel from Kamyanka to Kichkas or Hortycia.

Kamyanka settling began with 1770. Pilots as lineal descendants of cossacks have based the community on the basis of democratism. Everyone might state the idea on any question. Twice in one year - before opening of navigation and its end - the community carried out meeting on which solved all important questions and selected a management - the ataman, his assistant, the treasurer and the clerk.

lotsmans'ka_kav'yanka_a The modern emblem was confirmed by the meeting of the inhabitants from April, 22d, 2000. In an azure field is a figure of the Zaporozhye Cossack with or pilotage oar in hand, which one is surrounded by nine argent triangles by the way edgings. In a scene of the arms the historical and natural features Locmans'ka Kamyanka.

The figure of the Cossack with pilotage oar means of a historical past the settlement. The inhabitants knew which one exhaustively pilotage business and executed realization of ships through Dnieper thresholds. Nine argent triangles mean nine Dnieper's thresholds, through which one Cossack escort piloted ships. The author is O.Potap.



The gonfalon was confirmed by the meeting of the inhabitants from April, 22d, 2000. A blue rectangular panel with a ratio of the parts as 1:1, on which one four are figured trusted to crosswise and plexiform pilotage yellow oars, between which one are located nine white equilateral triangles. The author is O.Potap.


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