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It is known since the XVII century as a Zaporozhian winter camp which gradually became a big Cossack settlement Novoselytsia. When Russian government destroyed Zaporozhian Sich the settlement was renamed into Novomoskovs'k. Symbolics of the Russian emblem was devoted to that event.




The emblem of the Russian period


The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 29th of July 1811. In the upper part of the azure and purple per fess shield half of the argent rising star on the horizon to symbolize prosperity of that country; in the lower part a broken saber to signify the destruction of the Zaporozhians who were the founders of the town.




B.Kene project



In XIX century B.Kene worked out a project of a new emblem of the town. In an azure field there is a argent broken sabre, above which - a star with sixteen rays. In the canton there is an emblem of Katerynoslavs'ka province. The shield is crown with an argent mauerkrone with three towers and frame with two or ears, which are twined with the ribbon of the Order of St.Alexander. The emblem was not approved.

The soviet emblem

It was confirmed at May, 17th, 1980 by the decision N6/237 of city council executive committees. In a gules field with the vert embowed base separated by azure embowed filled fess from the basic field, are three argent pipes leaving one the center. In the base are two or leaves. The board is topped or gear with the city name in the Ukrainian language. Pipes are symbol of the Novomoskovs'k trumpet factory. The fess symbolizes Samara river. Leaves are symbol of a zone of rest. The authors are V.Shmal'ko, V.Jurchenko, I.Shvets', A.Zobenko.


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