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It was found at 1775. On this place was blackthorn's undergrowth, and city name appeared by it.




The soviet emblem



It was confirmed at February, 15th, 1991. In the azure field with base which per pale by vert and sable are or ear and chisel hammer in pale. They are embraced by or blackthorn branch with argent flowers. There is or data "1976" in the base. In the azure field are three abaised argent barrulets. The gules chief is charged by the argent city name on the Russian language.

In 2004 the session of city council confirmed the changes on the coat of arms: the "Ternivka” inscription" is drawn by Ukrainian; in place of 1976 the year of foundation of Ternivka is indicated - 1775.



Image to the ear and mechanical pick of strung by the branch of sloe it is well-kept without the substantial changes, if not to take into account insignificant articulation.




Ternivka flag


Flag of Ternivka.