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Zhovti Vody

In 1648 near the settlenemt the B.Hmel'nyts'kyi troops have crushed the Polish army.




The soviet emblem


The shield per pale by azure and gules and has azure wavy base. There is sable waste bank with argent "Nova "mine buildings on it are in the shield. In the first part is or sign of Government Standard as symbol of instrument-making. In the base are crossed or mice and sabre with argent ribbon on it. On the ribbon is sable date 1640. A shield crowned by cog-wheel with superscription "Zhovti Vody".




The modern emblem


It was confirmed at February, 2nd, 1995 by the decision є55 of 4th city council cession of XXII convocation. In the or shield with azure engrailed base is brown stone with three atomic orbits. It is symbol of uranic ore - main city industry. In the base are or crossed Cossack sabres and date 1648. It means victory of Ukrainian troops against Polish at May, 16th, 1648. The shield is crowned by azure cog-wheel with or city name on Ukrainian. The author is P.Chvalko.


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